ROBOT from loveanddeath on Vimeo.

Daniil Soziev’s Thesis Film Trailer

DESIRE - The Animated Musical Short from Scott Thierauf on Vimeo.

A small robot is born and sets out into the world, happily performing his simple tasks. Suddenly, in a small but profound way, the world as he knows it changes. What follows is a downward spiral of jealousy, resentment and unrestrained desire.

This animated musical short features Rob Fetters’ pop-rock gem, “Desire.” Story, Direction and Animation by Scott Thierauf. Sound Design and Creative Collaboration by Grant Kattmann, Editorial by Theresa Bruce, and Color Grade by Chris Joecken. ©2014 Red Echo Post

"Desire" from the album "Saint Ain’t" available on iTunes:

Frankie from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.

Frankie Harrer, age 16, surfing Teahupoo in May 2014.

additional footage courtesy of Erik Knutson.

music: Flume & Chet Faker “Drop The Game”





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Figure #1: Stability (via Radya)

Figure #1: Stability (via Radya)

Tarantino & Friends from Timor Barshtman on Vimeo.

Homage to art of Quentin Tarantino
An illustrated infographic which depicts his ability to transform and reintroduce familiar actors as completely new characters with detailed network of connections throw different movies
[college project in culture-design, 3rd year graphic design]

Ellen Langer: Mindfulness over matter from PopTech on Vimeo.

Ellen Langer is an artist and Harvard psychology professor who authored 11 books on the illusion of control, perceived control, successful aging and decision-making. “We have many, many studies that suggest that the limits we assume are real are artificial, and that we don’t have to accept them at all.”

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